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How Acid Erodes Your Enamel

Posted on 10/15/2019 by Dr. Chapko
How Acid Erodes Your EnamelIt can be hard to take the time and stop and wonder what food acid effects can do to your teeth enamel when you are drinking a Dr. Pepper. 

The truth is consuming highly acidic food and drinks every day can be very harmful to your teeth unless you prepare the right aftercare. Foods like citrus fruit and sugary drinks are just one of many that leave your teeth covered in an acid, which can eventually lead to your enamel wearing away.

What is Demineralization?

Demineralization is a dental term to describe what happens to your tooth when it is under attack by acids.  It is the gradual loss of minerals from the enamel, it takes place specifically when your mouth pH level falls to 5.7, according to RDH Magazine. The enamel becomes soft enough when it demineralizes that at that certain point, it allows bacteria to penetrate deeper into the tooth, eventually causing cavities to form.

Signs of Tooth Erosion

When your teeth erode they rarely present themselves to you in an obvious fashion, or even the same way each time. Some common symptoms include tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods, strongly flavored sweets and even cold air can produce sensitivity. You may visually see some discoloration; the teeth may appear slightly yellow on the surface as your enamel becomes thinner. Cracks or tiny faults along the edges of teeth are also common.

In order to better protect your oral care there are a couple of different ways to prevent acid effects that lead to the above conditions. Floss and brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. Don't rinse after brushing, you'll rinse the fluoride off your teeth.

Rinse with a fluoride mouthwash to protect your teeth. If you've let your teeth go to where you are noticing white spots, brown spots, or black spots that may be cavities, call us today. We will get you scheduled for a visit as soon as possible and get you back on track.
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