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Why is Cheese So Good for Your Teeth?

Posted on 12/15/2018 by Dr. Chapko
Why is Cheese So Good for Your Teeth?When it comes to superfoods that are great for your teeth, there are few that perform better than cheese. An ancient delicacy that predates written history, tastes great, and is fun to eat, there's really no alternative – so if you want a healthier mouth, just smile and say "Cheese!"

Acid Reduction

Despite being a dairy product that frequently has high alkalinity, both from the product itself and from the sugars it breaks down to, experimental research strongly indicates that cheeses can actually maintain the PH values of your mouth at a healthy level - by as much as 2 points on the scale (or a 49x reduction in total acidity!)

Reducing acid levels diminishes one of the more harmful causes of tooth decay, wear, and infection. It is not entirely known what causes this reaction, but evidence points towards the calcium deposited on teeth by chewing cheese.

Got Cheese?

On the subject of calcium, cheese is a natural and healthy source of the "tooth vitamin", as well as many other proteins and enzymes necessary to a healthy oral environment. Eaten early and often enough, it can even restore lost enamel, negating and preventing tooth decay!

Furthermore, the probiotic nature of cheese is an excellent way to fight off hostile bacteria with your body's own natural bacteria, not just once inside of your gut but right at the source – your teeth and gums. As part of a healthy diet, cheese can help you prevent cavities, gum disease, and other vectors for tooth pain and irritation, by encouraging a healthy culture ready to defend against would-be invaders.

All in all, cheese is an amazing, delightful food that not only sates appetites, but keeps your teeth in fit shape to enjoy future meals. If you'd like to discover and discuss other unusual and interesting ways to help keep your mouth in perfect shape, please feel free to contact us today!

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